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Why should I choose faith-based counseling?


More and more, people are realizing the importance of working with someone who shares their core values and world view.  Clients want to know where their therapist is coming from.  These clients have a goal of not only eliminating symptoms, but they want to establish an harmonious balance between the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of life.  They want to become healthier individuals with a realistic and positive identity and a transcendent view of life.  It is the transcendent life view that brings true meaning to their lives, and real freedom from enslavement to sin, psychopathology, or negative social conditioning.

What is the difference between faith-based and most secular counseling?

The biggest difference is the difference between "My will be done," and "Thy Will be done."  Faith-based counseling helps us to see our lives in a larger context. This gives our lives a sense of purpose and meaning that dwarfs our narcissistic desires.

What is the biggest misconception about faith-based counseling?

The biggest misconception has to do with people thinking that this process will be negative, judgemental, or condemning.  It was St. Iraneus, Bishop of Lyons and Doctor of the Catholic Church, who said, " The glory of God is man fully alive!"  Faith-based Catholic counseling is a process of becoming fully alive.  It is a process of learning to live in true freedom.  It is about becoming the person you were created to be.

What are your business hours?

My office hours are by appointment only.  I schedule hourly appointments on the hour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To schedule an appointment: Call (504)833-5087 or  Text (504)606-6773

What is your payment policy?

All sessions must be paid in full at the time of the session.  I accept payment through most credit cards, including HSA accounts, as well as cash or check.  Call or text for current fee.

Do you take health insurance?

II do NOT deal with insurance companies directly.  I can provide you with an itemized and coded receipt that you can file yourself.  All corresondence is between you and your insurance company.

Fully Alive!

Fully Alive!

In 2013,  I wrote a book Fully Alive!  I often describe the book as a generic "how to get your act together" book.  It is written to be an easy and quick read, while addressing some profound issues.  The book blends developmental psychology and Catholic Christian teaching in a way that is easy to follow and implement in your life.  Reading this book will help you pinpoint those areas in your life that need changing.  You will see clearly those things that are holding you back from becoming your best self.  You will also learn how to invite God in to reorder your life for you!  You will begin to trust God more and more to lead you down the path He has created for youYou will become the person He created you to be!  You will learn to live your life fully alive!

The book can me purchased from Amazon, downloaded to a Kindle app for less than $5.   

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